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Participation and Registration

The Complete Cricketer Academy aims to bring learning through participation to as many young cricketers as is possible.

However, this has to be managed and structured correctly to maximize the benefit to each individual and group.

Key core principles are adhered to make this process work:


  • Maximum 4 players per group
  • Match physical maturity and experience to promote strong group dynamics
  • Challenge comfort zones to improve performance as players develop

These criteria are the basis of the success of the Academy. They are in place to enhance learning, build confidence and avoid injuries.

Hit a six?Each player is continually evaluated and we aim to create groups where ability and experience are matched to create competitive environments to bring out the best in each individual.

With limited space and numbers there will be times when we cannot offer a position in the required grouping. In these cases, we will put the player on standby on a managed list and endeavour to create opportunities as soon as is feasible.

Parents and players please have patience with this as it is for the longer-term benefit of your child that this process is in place.

We are working to increase availability with the introduction of a new coach and hope to have an additional net facility in due course. This expansion will be managed correctly so as not to jeopardize the current smooth running of the Academy.

Our aim is to provide the best coaching experience available to as many youngsters as possible but never to undermine our principles of coaching success.

Player Login

Coaching Times


One hourly session from 13h00-18h00 (public and school holidays incl.)


One hourly sessions from 08h00-11h00 (public and school holidays incl.)


Parents and students are aware that participating in cricket coaching sessions is a potentially hazardous activity. Parents assume all risks associated with participation in this sport, including but not limited to falls, contact with other participants, balls, equipment, and other reasonable risk conditions associated with the sport. All such risks are known and understood by the parents and students.

Montague Arena

Montague Action Arena is one of the longest running Arenas in South Africa. Established more than 17 years ago, the Arena has provided the best Action Sports to the greater City Bowl, Milnerton, West Coast and Goodwood regions.

It has consistently been amongst the top-performing arenas in the country from inception and has been number 1 countrywide for the past 3 years. We feel proud to be part of this success story.