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  • Fee increases from May
  • Winter timetables and holiday opening times

Another successful cricket season draws to a close. Congratulations to all of our cricketers who have performed so amazingly. This includes our coaches Craig, Brett and Robbie who were instrumental in Milnerton CC 1st side gaining promotion to the 1A for next season. 
Well done to everyone involved and the hard work will continue to take your game from where you are now to where you want to be.

The off-season coaching is an incredibly important phase and we will be working hard on all technical aspects of the game, as well as fitness, agility and tactical awareness.

Fee and payment structures:
With ever increasing costs, we are forced to implement a fee increase from 1st May 2015. After reviewing pricing at other coaching set-ups, we are pleased to announce that we can still offer extremely competitive pricing yet maintain the same high quality of coaching, equipment and the indoor facilities, which are some of the best in the country.

Fees from May 2015.
Academy: Small group sessions (4 or 5 hourly slots per calendar month)
U6-U8 R 430 per month
U9-U13 R 520 per month 
U14 to U19 R 600 per month

High Performance Centre. (4 or 5 hourly slots per calendar month) 
1-on-1 R 1,100 per month
2 or 3-on-1 R 800 per player per month
Group (Max 6 players/2 coaches) R P.O.A. (Sessions are for 1 ½ hours duration and are subject to availability) These sessions are ideal for teams/squads to maintain and prepare for the season.

With our own designated facilities we are now in a better position to offer more than one session a week to players that wish to take this opportunity. Fees for more than one session can be negotiated accordingly.

Please be reminded that fees for sessions missed through no fault of the academy are still due.

We do not charge if we have to cancel sessions due to the arena being booked out or closed or if a player has a longer-term injury or illness. We have costs to cover and have had to commit to these even if players cannot make sessions for various reasons such as parties, concerts etc. We trust that you understand.
Invoices are submitted on the 1st of each month and should be paid during the first week of the month, unless otherwise agreed. Please help us by making prompt payment.

April 2015 Timetable.

All schools move to winter extra-murals during April. We are currently changing our timetables to avoid clashes with these. Please confirm if your child needs to move days if you have not already done so.

April also brings many Public and school holidays. The arena is closed for the Easter weekend and those sessions missed can be made up during the school holidays. Please contact Laurie to book suitable replacement times. We will be working as normal on other Public Holidays as usual.

With change, comes opportunity and we should have new times and groups available.
as usual.

We are looking forward to some excellent and hard work during the winter months and seeing further development in all of our players.

Yours in cricket,

The Complete Cricketer team.


Laurie Ward
CSA Level 3 Coach


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