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 The Complete Cricketer Academy

Dear Visitor


 There have been some visible changes at The Complete Cricketer Academy in recent weeks. We are sorry to be losing Coach Nick as he takes up full-time employment with Puma. We wish him well in his new career and thank him for his excellent work over the past few years. He should be proud of how he has developed as a coach.

Replacing Nick, we have been fortunate to gain the services of a very experienced player and Level 2 coach in Robin Van Harten. Robbie is current 1st XI captain of Milnerton CC and is a respected batting all-rounder in Western Province cricket. He has been asked to join the Dolphins franchise later this year so we will be seeing how he goes with this in the future.

The coaches are looking smart in their new tracksuits, supplied by D&P Cricket.

As Winter definitely sets in, we are getting into some important technical work with the cricketers in both the Academy and HPC.

Once the winter exams are over we will continue working on all aspects of the game, cricket fitness and mindset and mental preparation.

 I had a very interesting meeting recently, being presented with the concept of IM, Interactive Metronome. It is a system used to improve timing and co-ordination, helping focus and concentration in both sport and academics. For more information, please take a look at the following link: 

Sports-Training the Brain for peak performance


Good luck to those players writing exams and we are looking forward to working with everyone over the winter and into pre-season.


Yours in cricket,


The Complete Cricketer.





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