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Dear Visitor

We have been testing out the new facilities with various groups over the past two weeks. From these test runs we have defined the following rules for safety and best usage criteria for the centre.

  1. Entry to and from the new parking area should be done with care as cricket nets are dangerous environments. Please stay behind the cental dividing net until told to go through to the arena by the coach on duty. Please do this as quickly and as quietly as possible.
  2. All bags and kit should be taken into the main arena and changing/padding up should be done there.
  3. Only players involved in the sessions in the hpc are allowed in to the facility. No parents, other players or friends/family to remain whilst sessions are being conducted.
  4. When returning to the car park area, please wait at the dividing door until asked to come through. Notices will be placed advising of safety rules.
  5. NO FOOD OR DRINKS IN THE NEW NET AREA except for bottled still or sparkling water.

There is limited space in the new net area and we have decided to work with a maximum of two players in the batting net and three in the PitchVision net.

Pricing will be as follows:

One-on One session: R275 per hour

Two player session: R180 per player per hour

Three player session: R150 per player per hour

A new online booking system is ready to be added to our website from September. Players wishing to work in the new facilities need to register as a member of the site and book through the site. Pre-payment to the following FNB account needs to be confirmed and credits will be allocated to your profile for use for sessions.

Account name:HPC

FNB Table View

A/C 623 205 31553

B/C 250-655 

You can book your preferred net, coach and number using the facilities online and confirmation will be notified by e-mail. Please note that your coach preference will be subject to availibility but best endeavours will be made to work with the coach of your choice.

We cannot wait for the final snags and security systems to be finished so that we can work to full capacity with the new technology and coaching environment. The trial sessions that we have had were tremendous and we are looking forward to taking the intensity higher once we are more established. 

Any questions should be forwarded by e-mail to Laurie:




Yours in cricket,


The Complete Cricketer 





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  • Laurie: +27-82-977-1026
  • Fax to e-mail: 079 131 8833115
  • Website: www.thecca.co.za

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