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Dear Visitor


As you can see, the new High Performance Centre (HPC) is nearing completion and we are now at the stage where flooring, nets and finishing will be taking place. We expect to be functional by the 3rd week in August.

We will use the first few weeks to iron out any teething problems and to get used to the set-up before introducing PitchVision in full in early September. The batting net will be fully operational with instant video feedback from commencement.

The HPC will be a different environment, based upon our core principles of professional coaching. It will not suit everyone's learning style and is aimed at the older players and senior cricketers. However, many of our junior players will have the opportunity to try the facilities out and, if ready, will be able to participate at the coaching staffs' discretion.

To use the HPC and to make bookings, players will need to be registered on our website and become members of the HPC. The annual fee for HPC membership is R200. This covers costs of a PitchVision licence and use of the facilities.

Pricing for HPC Coaching and facilities:

Annual membership: R200 (includes PV Licence)

One-on-one sessions: R275 per hour

Two-on-one sessions: R180 per person per hour

Three/four-on-one (PV Net) R150 per peson per hour.

The batting net will include instant video feedback and technical coaching from qualified and experienced coaches.

The PitchVision net will cater for individuals but is better suited to groups of 3 or 4 where all data is captured regarding performance of bowlers and batsmen.

To get more of a feel for what the system offers, please visit:

Booking of the facilities will be based on first-come/first served basis but we have sole use of the venue and therefore have more flexibility with time slots. The nets can be available during mornings, afternoons and evenings and bookings for weekends can be made in the off and pre-season.

To book you will need to register as a member of the academy (if you have not already done so) on our website. Once you have done this you will have access to a booking system (currently being tested but ready to run shortly) To make a booking you will be required to pre-pay and you will be given credits to use against bookings. More details will be available shortly.

Thank you for putting up with the noise and dust over the past few months.

It will all be very much worth it as the new HPC will be a true source for inspirational coaching and measurable and managed development of players.


Yours in cricket,





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