The art of "Crease Management"

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As we head into the off-season, we will be working hard on technique and fitness over the winter months at the academy. Players should also take this opportunity to work on their mental game and we have a host of articles and ideas in our "Coaching Tips" category, along with links to excellent partner sites including Pitchvision Academy and Inspired Cricket from the UK and our own highly successful Cape Cobras coach, Richard Pybus.


Take some time to read and think about your game and you are welcome to discuss personal thoughts on your cricket at training sessions.


A familiar scene for many a school or junior coach…. You are out in the middle umpiring, scoring etc whilst your team is batting. On the side sits a nervous next batsman and behind that there is a group of players involved in their own mini game or worse still, kicking a football around!  Although this may be fun and builds friendships, it is far from ideal and undermines real team spirit.  Also, these players are missing some serious tricks by not being involved and observing the real game from the side.

Not only can they support their current batters, but they could also learn a lot about the opposition and the state of the game and their own developing roles from it.  How many times have you seen one of these players scrabbling for kit and rushing out to the middle with no idea of what is happening?

If you were offered a head start or advantage before your knock would you take it?

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