Batting, Bowling and Fielding Basics

  • Always play straight with the full face of the bat.
  • Look to place the ball in the gaps.
  • Always keep your head down - this will help you keep the ball on the ground.
  • You must be relaxed when batting.
  • Play the simple game - do the basics correctly (correct grip, stance, backlift).
  • Your top hand on the bat must always be in control.
  • Before you play an attacking shot, make sure you know what the bowler is doing with the ball, e.g. swing, seam or pace.
  • "Wait", "yes" and "no" are the only three calls when batting.
  • Always run the first run hard. This puts pressure on the fielder.
  • The bowler will bowl at least one bad ball per over, so be patient.
  • Correct grip is important. Do not hold the ball too tight.
  • A long run-up is not important. Your run-up must be comfortable and economical.
  • Aim to pitch the ball on / outside offstump, just short of a length.
  • Keep your front arm high up when delivering the ball, do not forget to follow through.
  • If you are bowling out-swing you must aim to pitch the ball on middle.
  • If you are bowling inswing you must aim to pitch the ball outside the off-stump.
  • Aim to bowl at the batsman's weaknesses - do not bowl at his strengths.
  • Always shine the ball - without any shine the ball will not swing.
  • Always keep your eye on the ball.
  • Always walk in with the bowler, expect the ball every delivery.
  • Always focus on the batsman.
  • Encourage the bowler.
  • Always back the bowler / the wicketkeeper when the ball is being thrown in, give yourself 10 - 12 meters.
  • Always get your body behind the ball.



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One hourly sessions from 08h00-11h00 (public and school holidays incl.)


Parents and students are aware that participating in cricket coaching sessions is a potentially hazardous activity. Parents assume all risks associated with participation in this sport, including but not limited to falls, contact with other participants, balls, equipment, and other reasonable risk conditions associated with the sport. All such risks are known and understood by the parents and students.

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