How to become a better Cricketer

A simple 10 point checklist showing common sense ways to improve that any young or aspiring cricketer would do well to follow.

  1. Talk to experienced players - So many young players leave as soon as a game finishes. Instead, make a beeline for the older players at the bar and listen to what they have to say about the game - you'll hear a wealth of knowledge and sound advice all for free.
  2. Individual tuition - Get some high-quality individual coaching where there's nobody for the coach to worry about apart from you.
  3. Play as much as you can - All the nets in the world won't prepare you for the reality of a match situation. Learn how to play cricket by playing in matches - you'll find out a lot about yourself as well as making mistakes that will teach you valuable lessons.
  4. Practice as you play - Take your practice sessions seriously and make them as close to a real game as you can. Be strict on your no-balling at nets and during fielding practice, attack the ball as if your life depends on it.
  5. Work by yourself - You don't need anyone else to practice certain cricketing skills. Bowl sets of 6 balls in a net by yourself or work on picking up balls and throwing down the stumps.
  6. Learn from the best players at your club - The best cricketer in your club or school 1st XI will likely be a good role model for you. If you have a first class player or top batsman at your club, watch how he goes about his net sessions.
  7. Don't let fitness hold you back - Regardless of your ability to bat or bowl well, every player has it within themselves to be physically fit. Keep working at your fitness - it's far easier to become a good cricketer if you're an athlete than the other way round.
  8. Work out what you do well - Trial and error will tell you what your cricketing strengths are. Once you've worked out what you do well, stick to it and improve your weaknesses so they don't cause you as many problems.
  9. Practice & repeat - The more you do something the better you become. When you're learning new skills such as bowling an outswinger or playing the straight drive, you'll only get better by doing it. Mistakes are part and parcel of the learning curve.
  10. Watch the professionals on tv- Spend a day watching the best players in the world go about their business. You'll pick up a host of good habits and technical help.



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Parents and students are aware that participating in cricket coaching sessions is a potentially hazardous activity. Parents assume all risks associated with participation in this sport, including but not limited to falls, contact with other participants, balls, equipment, and other reasonable risk conditions associated with the sport. All such risks are known and understood by the parents and students.

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